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marketing consultancy est. 2018

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Verte Agency is a marketing consultancy founded by Sonny Kim and Amy Seeburger.   We were inspired to create Verte in the spirit of innovation - using our collective 30+ years of experience to provide clients with thoughtful, strategic insights spanning their marketing initiatives and business objectives.

Services:  Marketing & Media Strategy, Paid Search & Social, Reporting & Analysis

why verte?

  • We offer outside perspective driven by extensive media, digital and marketing knowledge. Our client experience spans the retail, luxury, finance categories and more - allowing us to advise our clients utilizing our hands-on experience.

  • We are digital native - with deep experience across both branding and acquisition marketing as well as the multitude of data sources that drive those channels.

  • Our insights are powered by data synthesis, industry knowledge, and a strategic understanding of the whole as well as a flair for creativity and love of a good challenge.


behind the name

Inspiration & meaning

With a subtle nod to our roots (adverts or advertising), Verte agency’s name also references the myriad of meanings and symbolism behind the color green - prosperity, optimism, and balance to name a few.  It speaks to our founding principles, the spirit we bring to our work, as well as the balance of life we are creating for ourselves in our workplace.